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Shop Anywhere. Checkout Here. is a Universal Cart browser extension that lets you buy any product, from any online retailer: no more registrations, checkouts, or losing your cart. With robust features like auto coupon discovery, saving products for later and full order history and email management, there’s never been a better way to shop online.

Jay Habib - CEO

“We are really proud. Not only because we raised one of the highest seed rounds in Europe in both funding volume and valuation, but because we have formed a financially strong and harmonic team of shareholders with mutual respect, support and commitment towards each other. We are now looking forward to expanding this team with high-performing and value-driven US investors.”

Manuel Schoebel - CTO

“Creating a technical solution for the requirements that the Universal Cart has is a very challenging task. We got a lot of skepticism about whether it could ever work, and it took a lot of effort to get there. Today we have a very innovative, collaborative and talented team that is able to make this possible and I am thankful to be part of it.”

Kim Cabot - COO

“Universal carts have been tried before, because it seems like a dream – shop everywhere online, and checkout, store orders, save emails all in one place. No one has been able to provide what shoppers are really looking for – one cart that actually works on every single shop and every single product. Our technology makes that possible.”


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