December 7, 2016

An Interview With Carter & Rose: Handcrafted Ceramics

carter and rose ceramics

Carter & Rose: Portland, OR

From their Portland studio, Anna and Liz are handcrafting ceramic wall planters, jewelry, fortune cookies, and more. The mix of goods reflects their backgrounds in ceramic arts and floral design– skills that allow them to fill this interesting niche in the maker world. How did Carter & Rose get started? Read our exclusive interview with the artistic duo to learn about their history and process.

Carter and Rose

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I see that you two are long time friends. How has it been starting and running a business as pals?

Starting a business as friends was a dream. We have a very similar work ethic and our general aesthetic is similar, but different enough that we challenged each other in terms of design. Because we have known each other for so long and have worked together before, the transition to starting and running a business was pretty seamless, incredibly fun, hard work.

Carter and Rose makers

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Carter & Rose already has such a unique assortment of goods. How did you decide on selling jewelry and ceramic wares? Do you see yourselves adding more types of goods to your shop?

We decided to focus on ceramics as a base for our goods because of my background with clay. Liz has a background in floral design, so we wanted to incorporate plants. Wall planters were a natural melding of the two… and our customers responded to them well. Wall planters give people a modern way to get plant life up onto walls. Our goal, in general, with the store was to make unique goods that were accessible for a wide array of customers. We currently represent and sell the work of about 15 other local artists, but only in-store.
Carter & Rose ceramics

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What do you hope your customers remember when using your products?

We hope our products come across as beautiful and unique with a handmade feel. We also want our products to convey elegant simplicity that is accessible to most shoppers with varying aesthetics.

Carter and Rose jewelry

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Do you have a favorite piece in your store right now?

We have some wall planters right now that are made from old barn floor boards. They are stunning statement pieces. The wood is grainy and textured, and because the planters are so large, they hold amazingly beautiful air plants.


Why do you believe small businesses are important?

Small business is what gives community individuality. We love being a small business within our community and knowing that we are a part of a neighborhood that has a distinct style and feeling and that we truly know our customers!


Buy for: Your friend with 45 house plants, your friend with too much wall space, your most elegant companion

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