April 21, 2017

Memorial Day Sweepstakes – Your shopping’s on us!

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Wish that someone else would pay for everything you buy online? We’ll we’re doing just that! Join the Memorial Day Sweepstakes and we could pay for all of your purchases from now until Memorial Day. Seriously.

So how does this all work? There will be one lucky Grand Prize winner who will have EVERYTHING they buy between now and Memorial Day paid for. But it doesn’t end there. We’re also randomly selecting a Daily Winner each morning, whose entire purchase from the day before will be reimbursed.

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To enter, just shop using the free Universal Cart! Every time you complete a checkout, you’ll gain a unique entry for the Grand Prize and the following day’s Daily Prize. If you win the Daily Prize, we’ll reimburse your whole purchase from the previous day. If you win the Grand Prize, we’ll reimburse you for the total amount you spent through during the contest period. Taxes, shipping, and all. Yep, we’re serious. If you don’t feel like shopping today, no worries… there are other ways to enter. Read the full terms for more information.

And in case you forgot, shopping with the Universal Cart is totally free! So if you’re going to shop anyways, why not use Your next shopping trip could be on us 🙌

What are you waiting for? Start winning today.

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